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Crossword Answers: After-dinner-freebies
MINTSAfter-dinner freebies
PORTAfter dinner drink
BRANDYAfter dinner drink
BURPAfter dinner faux pas
SPEECHAfter dinner item, at times
STROLLAfter-dinner activity
TEAAfter-dinner beverage
COGNACAfter-dinner brandy
DEMITASSEAfter-dinner cafe
MINTAfter-dinner candy
DECAFAfter-dinner choice
ANISETTEAfter-dinner cordial
HBURNAfter-dinner development
ROLLSDiner freebies
STRAWSDiner freebies
NUTSBar freebies
PRETZELSBar freebies
MAPSAAA freebies
MEALSAirline freebies, sometimes
STIRRERSCoffee shop freebies
BYESCompetition freebies
SWAGConvention freebies
LEISCruise ship freebies
DILLSDeli freebies
RIDESElection Day freebies from party workers
ASKA"... not a dinner to ___ man to": Johnson
TBS"Dinner & A Movie" airer
ISON"Dinner ___ me!"
ISNOW"Dinner ___ served"
ATEIGHT"Dinner ___," 1933 song
KEYES"Dinner at Antoine's" author
ATASTE"May I have ___?" (Dinner mate's request)
MALLE"My Dinner With Andre" director
SHAWN"My Dinner With Andre" playwright
ANDRE"My Dinner With ___"

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