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Crossword Answers: After-dinner-freebies
MINTSAfter-dinner freebies
FULLFeeling after dinner is loaded (4)
SOIREESAfter-dinner parties
JELLOAfter-dinner jiggler
READERSDIGESTWhat a book club does after dinner
BURPSAfter-dinner reports?
DOGGYBAGRestaurant after-dinner convenience
WASHDISHESDo an after-dinner chore
ALLITERATEHave dessert after dinner, perhaps
BUSEDDid some after-dinner work, maybe?
ILLDRYCooperative after-dinner offer
CORDIALGLASSAfter-dinner drink holder
NIGHTSCHOOL*Place for after-dinner courses
AMINT"Care for __?": after-dinner offer
SHERRYAfter-dinner wine
ORTSAfter-dinner scraps
SANKAAfter-dinner drink, maybe
SORBETSAfter-dinner choices
VSOPAfter-dinner drink letters
DISHESThings to do after dinner
OREOSThey may get a licking after dinner
MUSCATELSSweet after-dinner drinks
LIMONCELLOBig cat swallows master on bass instrument after dinner in Italian restaurant (10)
RAPPORTBlame after-dinner drink for fellow-feeling (7)
DESSERTTRAY[*cross out* After-dinner display] One way to see a pie's filling?
ROLLDinner freebie
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