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Crossword Answers: African-republic
IVORYCOASTAfrican republic
SENEGALAfrican republic
ERITREAAfrican republic
CAPEVERDEAfrican republic
GAMBIAAfrican republic
MALIAfrican republic
BENINAfrican republic
LIBYAAfrican republic
CONGOAfrican republic
NIGERAfrican republic
ZAIREAfrican republic
UGANDAAfrican republic
CHADAfrican republic
RWANDAAfrican republic
KENYAAfrican republic
SOMALIAAfrican republic
TOGOAfrican republic
EGYPTAfrican republic
GHANAWest African republic
GABONWest African republic
GUINEAWest African republic
LIBERIAWest African republic
CAMEROONWest African republic
DJIBOUTIEast African republic (8)
TANZANIAEast African republic (8)
TUNISIANorth African republic
ALGERIANorth African republic
NAMIBIASW African republic
TRANSVAALFormally, South African Republic
NIGERIAWest African republic (7)
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