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Crossword Answers: Add-gradually,-as-crops-to-a-field
ROTATEINAdd gradually, as crops to a field
POMPOMIt might be shaken next to a field
GATEDoor to a field or garden (4)
REAPGather, as crops
RAISEGrow, as crops
GROWRaise, as crops
REAPSGathers, as crops
SETINArrive gradually, as darkness
EVASEEnlarging gradually, as a chimney.
EATINTOErode gradually, as one's savings
EASEOUTRemove gradually, as a vintage LP from its sleeve
POLARITYA field may have one
BALESBundles in a field
CAWSCalls in a field
HARROWSDisks a field
MIXEDFARMINGAgriculture option that combines crops with livestock
REAPEDCollected crops
CREAMCrop's best
BROOKE"...foreign field that is forever England" penner
ROADS"Back ___" (1981 Sally Field comedy)
FILM"Bull Durham" or "Field of Dreams"
LILIES"Consider the ___ of the field": Matthew 6:28
ELI"Down the Field" singer, at a football game

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