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Crossword Answers: Add-gradually,-as-crops-to-a-field
ROTATEINAdd gradually, as crops to a field
GATEDoor to a field or garden (4)
POMPOMIt might be shaken next to a field
REAPSGathers, as crops
GROWRaise, as crops
RAISEGrow, as crops
WEANRemove gradually, as from dependence
PHASEOUTTime to go gradually as that condition is common knowledge (5,3)
ERODESWears away gradually, as shoreline
EBBDecline gradually, as a tide
PHASEINStart gradually, as a program
EASEOUTRemove gradually, as a vintage LP from its sleeve
EATINTOErode gradually, as one's savings
EVASEEnlarging gradually, as a chimney.
SETINArrive gradually, as darkness
BODYOFKNOWLEDGECollective expertise in a field
CAWCall in a field
LOCUSTHORIZONBook about a field trip that didn't end too well?
SITUPSWorkers' group cutting drinks gradually as part of fitness regime (3-3)
APRICOTSFruit - it's a crop to be gathered
REAPERHarvests crop to the death? (6)
CORNCrop to pop
STIRSINAdds gradually
PHASESINAdds gradually
SILOSigh low, say, over storage for crops (4)
TILLEDPrepared land for crops
CHERRYPICKERSCranes for those harvesting Morello crops? (6,7)
UNDERCUTSOrganisation finds the German crops and sells others short (9)
CULTIVATIONRaising of crops
SICKLESCurved agricultural implements used for harvesting grain crops
HAYSFarm crops
RICESPaddy crops
MARKSUPAdds profit margin amount (5,2)
PAGINATESAdds numbers to, say
SEASONINGIt adds flavour as one"s gin is mixed (9)
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