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Crossword Answers: Actress-Tierney
MAURAActress Tierney
GENEActress Tierney
ABELL"___ for Adano"; Gene Tierney film
ONHER'Rings __ Fingers': 1942 Fonda/Tierney film
ERSeries for Maura Tierney, once
WOMANGene Tierney or Glenn Close
WOMENMichael Learned and Gene Tierney
GENESKelly and Tierney
OLEGCassini once wed to Gene Tierney
LAURA'44 Gene Tierney mystery
ADANO"A Bell for ___"; 1945 Gene Tierney movie
THELEFTHAND1955 film drama starring Humphrey Bogart and Gene Tierney (3,4,4,2,3)
LIARLIAR1997 film comedy starring Jim Carrey and Maura Tierney (4,4)
HER"Leave ___ to Heaven" (1945 Gene Tierney film)

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