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Crossword Answers: Actress-Julie
KAVNERActress Julie
EGEActress Julie from Norway
HER"Away From ___" (2006 Julie Christie film)
CHEN"Big Brother" host Julie
LILI"Darling ___" (Julie Andrews film)
ARE"Earth Girls ___ Easy" (Julie Brown song)
RITA"Educating ___" (1983 Julie Walters film)
LINC"The Mod Squad" partner of Pete and Julie
FOO"To Wong ___, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar"
HED"___ Never Seen Julie Cry": Messina song
TAYMOR'The Lion King' director Julie
CRYMEARIVER1955 Julie London classic
LARA1965 Julie Christie role
DARLINGLILI1970 film in which Julie Andrews plays a spy
SOB1981 Julie Andrews movie
VICTORSLASHVICTORIA1982 Julie Andrews musical
PRINCESSDIARIES2001 Julie Andrews film, with "The"
ROREMComposer of "Miss Julie"
VJSDowntown Julie Brown and others
VIDEOJOCKEYDowntown Julie Brown, early on
MORANFormer "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Julie
LONDONJack or Julie
KRONEJockey Julie

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