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Crossword Answers: Actress-Julie
KAVNERActress Julie
EGEActress Julie from Norway
AMYADAMS"Julie & Julia" co-star
STREEP"Julie & Julia" co-star
BIGBROTHERJulie Chen's show
NEDROREM"Miss Julie" composer, 1965
MODLike Linc, Julie, and Pete's squad
TUCCIStanley of "Julie & Julia"
NAMESJack, Jayden and Julie
NORA"Julie & Julia" director Ephron
STESJeanne et Julie, e.g.: Abbr.
DAMETitle for Julie Andrews
TORN1966 film thriller starring Paul Newman and Julie Andrews (4,7)
HILLSThey were alive with the sound of music, according to Julie Andrews
THEPRINCESS2001 family film starring Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway (3,8,7)
MUSICJulie Andrews' film, The Sound Of ...
UNDULYIt's just too much for organisation to meet Julie we hear (6)
JUVENILEJulie is upset over Nev for being childish (8)
PERSONAL1987 film comedy starring Julie Walters and Alec McCowen (8,8)
SOUNDJulie Andrews starred as Maria in The ... Of Music
MANOFTHEWEST1958 film western starring Gary Cooper and Julie London (3,2,3,4)
STAR1968 biopic starring Julie Andrews as Gertrude Lawrence (4)
JOHNLEGUIZAMO"To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar" actor
GABEJulie Kotter's spouse, in a '70s sitcom
MERYLShe played Julia in "Julie & Julia"
PETULIA1968 Julie Christie movie set in San Francisco
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