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Crossword Answers: Actress-Julie
KAVNERActress Julie
ANDREWSActress, Julie ...
EGEActress Julie from Norway
ELIZABroadway role for Julie
PAYETTEAstronaut Julie
BROWN"Club MTV" veejay Julie
ADAMSAmy ___ of Julie & Julia
TALKJulie Chen hosts The ___
MASSECorey Hart's singer wife Julie
MODERNJulie Andrews was Thoroughly ... Millie
CARPJulie __, chirpy seamstress who wants to foster a child in Coronation Street (4)
AIRI"The ___ Breathe" (2007 drama with Kevin Bacon and Julie Delpy)
GOODYEARJulie ?, actress who played Bet Lynch in ITV soap Coronation Street (8)
HAPPYGILMORE1996 golf film starring Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen: 2 wds.
THESOUNDOFMUSICWhat you might find in a concert hall, or at a Julie Andrews festival (3,5,2,5)
WALTERSJulie, Oscar nominated actress, for the film Educating Rita (7)
STOWEMadeleine ___, actress whose roles include Julie Moore in 2002 film drama We Were Soldiers (5)
NUNReligious sister - Julie Andrews was a novice one in The Sound Of Music
LIONKINGElton John And Tim Rice musical directed for Broadway by Julie Taymor, The .... (4,4)
OMARCo-star of Julie in "Doctor Zhivago"
TWELVEHouse number on Coronation Street where Julie Carp lives (6)
DONTLOOKNOW1973 film thriller starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland (4,4,3)
RAQUELShe followed Julie and Liza in Broadway's "Victor/Victoria"
TORN1966 film thriller starring Paul Newman and Julie Andrews (4,7)
HILLSThey were alive with the sound of music, according to Julie Andrews
THEPRINCESS2001 family film starring Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway (3,8,7)
CLAIREDUNPHYJulie Bowen has won two Emmys playing this character on 18-Across: 2 wds.
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