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Crossword Answers: Actress-Hemingway
MARIELActress Hemingway
MARGAUXActress Hemingway
CUBAOnetime Hemingway home
HAVANAOnetime Hemingway home
ACROSSStart of a Hemingway title
TOHAVEStart of a Hemingway title
DOSPASSOSFriend and colleague of Hemingway
EXPATHemingway, notably
TENSERERNESTHemingway feeling more uptight?
BIMINI1935-37 home for Hemingway
MOJITOSDrinks favored by Hemingway
GRACE"__ under pressure": guts, to Hemingway
THEGARDENOFEDENHemingway novel published in 1986
IDAHOWhere Hemingway committed suicide
IDAState where Hemingway died: abbr.
WHOMPronoun in a Hemingway title
ALSOPenultimate word in a Hemingway title
ODONNELLChris ___, actor who portrayed author Ernest Hemingway in 1996 biopic In Love and War (8)
KILIMANJAROThe Snows of ___ (Ernest Hemingway story)
KUDUBeast hunted by Hemingway in "Green Hills of Africa"
OLDLike the man in a Hemingway title
TSARWord that's an accidental acronym of a Hemingway title
KWESTWhere Hemingway wrote "A Farewell to Arms"
AVAShe starred as Kitty, Cynthia, and Brett in movies adapted from Hemingway works
KCSTARNewspaper that Hemingway worked for, in brief
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