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Crossword Answers: Actress-Hemingway
MARGAUXActress Hemingway
MARIELActress Hemingway
CUBAOnetime Hemingway home
HAVANAOnetime Hemingway home
CAFEParis hangout for Hemingway
POUNDPoet pal of Hemingway
DOSPASSOSFriend and colleague of Hemingway
EXPATHemingway, notably
TENSERERNESTHemingway feeling more uptight?
BIMINI1935-37 home for Hemingway
MOJITOSDrinks favored by Hemingway
GRACE"__ under pressure": guts, to Hemingway
THEGARDENOFEDENHemingway novel published in 1986
ENIGMAIt's a mystery why one might read Hemingway (6)
ERNEHemingway, perhaps, has lost his way and gets the bird
MARLINFish in 1952 Ernest Hemingway novel The Old Man and the Sea
STERNESTExtremely tough way Irish writer leads or Hemingway follows (8)
DIETRICH"It makes no difference how she breaks your heart if she is there to mend it," said Ernest Hemingway
NEVERGOStart of a quote by Ernest Hemingway
MARIARobert Jordan"s lover in Hemingway"s For Whom the Bell Tolls (5)
ODONNELLChris ___, actor who portrayed author Ernest Hemingway in 1996 biopic In Love and War (8)
KILIMANJAROThe Snows of ___ (Ernest Hemingway story)
KUDUBeast hunted by Hemingway in "Green Hills of Africa"
OLDLike the man in a Hemingway title
THEOLDMANWith 32-Down, Hemingway classic

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