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Crossword Answers: Actress-Hemingway
MARIELActress Hemingway
MARGAUXActress Hemingway
SEAEnd of a Hemingway title
TOARMSEnd of a Hemingway title
THESEAEnd of a Hemingway title
ARMS"A Farewell to ___" (1929 Ernest Hemingway novel)
SURNAMES"Hemingway" and "Tolstoy"
AFAREWELLTOARMS"Ta ta" Hemingway novel
THESUN"___ Also Rises" (Ernest Hemingway novel): 2 wds.
INOUR"___ Time": Hemingway stories
FAREWELLTOARMS1929 Hemingway book, with "A"
THEArticle written by Hemingway
HARRYSBar where Hemingway hung out
PAGEBit of Hemingway
OLDMANANDTHESEABook that convinced the Nobel Committee to award Hemingway its Literature prize (with "The")
THESUNALSOSETSErnest Hemingway antinovel?
THESUNALSORISESErnest Hemingway title from Ecclesiates
FORFirst word in a Hemingway title
INGEHe won the Pulitzer for Drama the same year that Hemingway won for Fiction

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