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Crossword Answers: Absolutely,-or-absolutely-vertical
PLUMBAbsolutely, or absolutely vertical
ENTIRELYFully or absolutely (8)
PERFECTLYAbsolutely or faultlessly (9)
CHUTEVertical passage (5)
TILTEDOut of vertical
PLUMBEDTREESapling planted perfectly vertical?
STAIRWELLVertical shaft
TARTANSScottish clan patterns woven in vertical and horizontal stripes
CANADAThe Bay of Fundy, which boasts the highest vertical tide range in the world, is located in this coun
MAGICSQUARENumerical two-dimensional matrix where the sum of all the rows (vertical, horizontal and diagonal) i
DAVIDAuthor of the stage plays Gethsemane and The Vertical Hour (5,4)
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