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Crossword Answers: Absolutely,-or-absolutely-vertical
PLUMBAbsolutely, or absolutely vertical
ENTIRELYFully or absolutely (8)
PERFECTLYAbsolutely or faultlessly (9)
PLEATDeep vertical fold
WALLVertical surface
DOUBLEBARPair of close vertical lines indicating the end of a section of music (6,3)
AZIMUTHAngle between vertical plane containing a celestial body and plane of the meridian (7)
CLIFFSteep vertical rock face often bordering the sea (5)
SPLASHBACKA vertical waterproof surface on a wall behind a horizontal surface such as a bench top, basin, etc.
THEODOLITEA surveying instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical angles (10)
AZThe azimuth of a celestial body is the angle between the vertical plane containing it and the plane
HORVertical's opp.

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