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Crossword Answers: Absolutely,-or-absolutely-vertical
PLUMBAbsolutely, or absolutely vertical
ENTIRELYFully or absolutely (8)
PERFECTLYAbsolutely or faultlessly (9)
ELEVATORVertical shuttle
RISERSStair steps vertical faces
CHUTEVertical passage (5)
FRENCHROLLWoman's hairdo in which the hair is drawn into a vertical twist at the back of the head (6,4)
BARA vertical line marked on music, dividing it into sections of equal value (3)
NEWELVertical post around which the treads of a circular staircase are postioned
STERNUMBroad vertical bone in the chest to which the ribs are attached (7)
TARTANSScottish clan patterns woven in vertical and horizontal stripes
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