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Crossword Answers: Abode-of-Odin
VALHALLAAbode of Odin
BALDERSon of Odin
BALDURSon of Odin
THORSon of Odin
TYRSon of Odin
SLEIPNEREight-legged horse of Odin
LOKIBlood brother of Odin
RAVENBird of Odin
LOVENESTAbode of love
ENDORDeath or abode of a dramatic witch
HELLAbode of Satan (4)
ASGARDMythical abode of heroes slain in battle
BRUNEIThe Abode of Peace
ARALUBabylonian abode of the dead
MTIDAAbode of the gods, in Homer
UNDERWORLDAbode of the dead, ruled by Hades
EREBUSAbode of the dead, in myth
HELAbode of the dead, in Norse myth
MORGUEAbode of the dead
AONIAAbode of the Muses
HEAVENThe abode of God in many religions (6)
ELYSIANMythological fields, the abode of the blessed (7)
HADESUnderworld abode of the souls of the dead in Greek mythology (5)
SHEOLOld Testamant abode of the dead (anagram of HOLES)
TENTSAbodes of a kind
WARGODOdin, for one
DEITYOdin, for one
NORDICScandinavian Odin with calmer exterior, curiously (6)
STEEDSleipnir, for Odin
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