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Crossword Answers: Abbr.-after-Paul-Laxalt's-name,-once
RNEVAbbr. after Paul Laxalt's name, once
ENRONName once on Minute Maid Park
DESERETUtah's name, once
QUIKChocolate powder name, once
BONOCher's last name, once
EDOTokyo's name, once
ATARIGame name once owned by Warner
NEWTSpeaker name, once
BARRRoseanne's last name, once
ESSOPump name, once
PAARLate-night name, once
LEAFJoaquin Phoenix's first name, once
CANDLESFamous park name, once
CITROENBrand name once advertised on the Eiffel Tower
DCONNAbbr. after Chris Dodd's name
DWISCAbbr. after Russ Feingold's name
STDAbbr. after "Rev." or before "dev."
HELENPaul's "Mad About You" costar
PHILEMONShortest of Paul's epistles (8)
PONTIUSPILATENT character stirred up by Paul's petition (7,6)
TSELIOT"...a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES" poet
ADAM"And ___ gave names to all cattle" (Gen. 2:20)
ETC"And more," in store names
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