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Crossword Answers: A-soprano-may-hit-it
HIGHCA soprano may hit it
TEEA driver may hit it
NETYour balls may hit it
ROOFYou may hit it when you're angry
PAYDIRTA prospector may hit it
KNEEA booted grounder may hit it
SOLESThey may hit the street running
TONOFBRICKSWhat "it" may hit you like
BOCCIYou may hit the lawn ball in it
DARTOne may hit a bull
MARATHONERHe may hit the wall
HORNSDrivers may hit them on purpose
ORIOLEBird that may hit a fly
FOULTIPBall that may hit an umpire
ARIASolo for a soprano
UKEA soprano one has short strings
RATSSings like a Soprano-hater
OPERAGig for a soprano
HIGHNOTEIt may be hit by a soprano
MENSCHOIRUnlikely place for a soprano
TRILLSing like a soprano
ALTOShe's lower than a soprano
HIGHPITCHEDLike a soprano's voice
TRILLOFALIFETIMEHigh point in a soprano's career?
CLICKSHits it off
GYMTiger often hits it
NEARMISSESClose to the wife we hear but never hits it off (4,6)
KANAWASoprano Dame Kiri Te ...
DELOSANGELESOne Leeds gal's fantastic soprano (2,3,7)
SCORESoprano taking central part in musical arrangement (5)
RESITSOnce again takes on small Italian soprano (6)
sutherlandSydney soprano Joan ... made a promising start to her career winning the Mobil Quest in 1950
BLINDSIDESwedish soprano in minor part of record showing weak spot
THECAIRNGORMSNo good if new choirmaster is outside soprano range (3,10)
NORMANUS soprano who sang the Marseillaise in Paris for the bicentennial of the French Revolution, Jessye
OSSIOld German choirs essentially welcoming sopranos (4)
THEWord before "Sopranos" and "Leftovers"
KASEM"Counting down the hits" guy
OXYGENTANKS"Element #8's Career Hits Bottom!"
CHOIRAustria's group of boy sopranos and altos, the Vienna Boys' ...
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