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Crossword Answers: A-soprano-may-hit-it
HIGHCA soprano may hit it
KNEEA booted grounder may hit it
PAYDIRTA prospector may hit it
ROOFYou may hit it when you're angry
NETYour balls may hit it
TEEA driver may hit it
ILERHe played a Soprano
TOSCANotable role for a soprano
NAILA hammer may hit one
FOULTIPBall that may hit an umpire
ORIOLEBird that may hit a fly
BEGIN"Hit it!"
CUE"Hit it" to a combo
TRYTO"___ hit it a little softer" (advice during a lesson)
TWO1988 hit "It Takes ___"
EVA"Die Meistersinger" soprano
BOLLWEVILS"Die Meistersinger" soprano
OLGA"Eugene Onegin" mezzo-soprano
MEG"Falstaff" mezzo-soprano
ALICE"Falstaff" soprano
FARRAR"Golden Age" Met soprano
INEZ"Il Trovatore" soprano

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