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Crossword Answers: A-soprano-may-hit-it
HIGHCA soprano may hit it
TEEA driver may hit it
NETYour balls may hit it
PAYDIRTA prospector may hit it
KNEEA booted grounder may hit it
ROOFYou may hit it when you're angry
UKEA soprano one has short strings
SOLESThey may hit the street running
RATSSings like a Soprano-hater
TONOFBRICKSWhat "it" may hit you like
OPERAGig for a soprano
MENSCHOIRUnlikely place for a soprano
TRILLSing like a soprano
ALTOShe's lower than a soprano
DARTOne may hit a bull
TOSCANotable role for a soprano
ILERHe played a Soprano
MARATHONERHe may hit the wall
HORNSDrivers may hit them on purpose
ORIOLEBird that may hit a fly
HIGHNOTEIt may be hit by a soprano
BOCCIYou may hit the lawn ball in it
LEHMANNOld-time soprano Lotte
SARAHSoprano Brightman
MESHSoprano hosted by mediocre network (4)
POSSESSIONSoprano rejected term of ownership (10)
SWEDESoprano Jenny Lind, e.g.
SPRAYSSoprano begs for flower arrangements (6)
ALBANESESoprano Licia, singer at the Met for 26 years
ANANow Is The Hour was recorded in 1927 by soprano ... Matawhaura Hato

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