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Crossword Answers: 3-time-LPGA-Championship-winner
LOPEZ3-time LPGA Championship winner
SERIPAKThree-time McDonald's LPGA Championship winner
PAKSe Ri ___ (2002 LPGA Championship winner)
SERI1998 LPGA Championship winner ___ Pak
BETHThree-time LPGA Player of the Year Daniel
ANNIKAEight-time LPGA Player of the Year Sorenstam
NANCYLOPEZFour-time LPGA Tour Player of the Year
DELState that hosted the McDonald's LPGA Championship
TWINS3 time prevails (5)
YOGIBaseball's Berra: 3-time MVP
EVERT3-time Wimbledon champ
LENDL3-time U.S. Open winner
JOEMONTANA3-time Super Bowl MVP
TORRE3-time Series-winning manager
BRETTFAVRE3-time NFL MVP Award winner
FALDO3-time Masters winner Nick
SELES3-time French Open champ
WYATT3-time Emmy winner Jane
BAIN3-time Emmy winner Barbara
BOBFormer PGA Championship winners Hamilton, Rosburg, or Nichols
NINE3 times 3
TORAWhen said 3 times, a 1970 war movie
KEANUThree-time co-star of Laurence and Carrie-Anne
BRADYThree-time Super Bowl MVP Tom
CHAIt's repeated 2 or 3 times to form dance name
STREEPThree-time Academy Award-winning actress who starred in Sophie's Choice, Out of Africa, The Devil We
EVANThree-time All-Star Longoria for the Tampa Bay Rays

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