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Crossword Answers: 3-D-graph-lines
ZAXES3-D graph lines
ZAXIS3-D graph line
AXESGraph lines
XAXESGraph lines
ATYA"Comin ___!" (1981 3-D spaghetti Western)
SANGAREE1953 3-D film starring Fernando Lamas
GORILLAATLARGE1954 3-D off-beat murder mystery
JAWS1975 movie thriller with a sequel in 3-D
ITE'Graph' ending
ORIGIN(0,0) on a graph
VENN-- diagram (math graph)
TRENDA graph may reveal one
SPIKEAbrupt increase on a graph
BELLCURVEArc in a statistical graph
COLORINGAssignment to a graph
MAPAuto graph?
ICANMOVEAROUND"At United Van Lines because ___"
NASH"Hard Lines" poet
KEATS"Lines on the Mermaid Tavern" poet
ESPN"Outside the Lines" airer
KERR"The Snake Has All the Lines" playwright Jean
JUNGLE"___ primary" (in which voters cross party lines)
TEMPESTTOST*"Send these, the homeless, ___ to me, / I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" (last lines of "The

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