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Crossword Answers: 3-D-graph-lines
ZAXES3-D graph lines
ZAXIS3-D graph line
AXESGraph lines
XAXESGraph lines
CGI3-D graphics in movies
PETSCANMedical 3-D image
SCULPTURE3-D representation (9)
HUGOScorsese's first film shot in 3-D
SPHERE3-D shape
AVATAR3-D James Cameron film
VOL3-D stat
NINTENDOWIIGame console that detects motion in 3-D
CAPTAINEOShort 3-D film starring Michael Jackson
SCULPTEDDesigned in 3-D
HOLO3-D, in combinations
POPUP3-D, as a book
STATUE3-D representation of girl consuming tawdry goods (6)
LINEARNot 2-D or 3-D
SPHERESThree-D figures
AXISGraph line
XAXISGraph line
YAXISGraph line
AXIALOf a graph line
TRENDGraph line indication
RADIIBudget-graph border lines
ARCSBudget-graph border lines
CARTOGRAPHERSMap makers or graph creators, possibly
CHARTREUSEGreenish-yellow wall graph? Use again (10)
REPLOTGraph anew
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