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Crossword Answers: 1987-Lionel-Richie-hit
SELA1987 Lionel Richie hit
ITTO"Do ___ Me" (Lionel Richie hit of '92)
TRULY"Lionel Richie" hit
ARE"You ___" (1983 Lionel Richie hit)
YOUARE1983 Lionel Richie hit
HADAN"I ___ awesome dream" (Lionel Richie lyric from "Say You, Say Me")
SAYME"Say You, ___" (Oscar-winning Lionel Richie song)
ABOVE"There's no one ___ you" (Lionel Richie lyric)
ASWEGO"___ down life's lonesome highway..." (Lionel Richie lyric)
ROBO" ___ Cop" (1987 film)
LAPSE"A Momentary ___ of Reason" (1987 Pink Floyd album)
LOT"A Return to Salem's ___" (1987)
SALEMSLOT"A Return to ___" (1987)
EXS"All My ___ Live in Texas" (1987 #1 country hit)
GOES"Anything ___" (1934 or 1987 musical)
EASTLA"Born in ___" (1987)
NEWS"Broadcast ___" (1987 William Hurt film)
RAW"Eddie Murphy ___" (1987)

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