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Crossword Answers: 1985-Ralph-McInerny-novel
THENOONDAYDEVIL1985 Ralph McInerny novel
ITIS"How sweet ___!"; Ralph Kramden's line
DOUBELLRalph ___, 1968 Olympic 800m gold medallist (7)
TOEPiggy ran with Ralph, initially cast away (3)
TUSKEGEERalph Ellison alma mater
BURGESS"1985" novelist
OCEAN"A Drop in the ___" (1985)
LAURO"Achille ___" of 1985 news
VOLDEMORTLord ___ (Harry Potter villain played by Ralph Fiennes)
IVYChristmas movie, The Holly And The ... starred Ralph Richardson and Celia Johnson
READERRalph ___, Somerset-born impresario; originator of the Scouting Gang Show (6)
ALIRalph's wife
BUSRalph's vehicle
EDSRalph's pal et al.
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