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Crossword Answers: 1985-Ralph-McInerny-novel
THENOONDAYDEVIL1985 Ralph McInerny novel
OPERARalph Vaughan Williams's "The Pilgrim's Progress," e.g.
PHILANDERDine with Ralph, prepared to flirt (9)
GLEASONPortrayer of Ralph Kramden
BURGESS"1985" novelist
OCEAN"A Drop in the ___" (1985)
LAURO"Achille ___" of 1985 news
SIA"One Candle" is a song by J. Ralph and this single-named Australian singer that's featured in the do
RACKSTRAWRalph got to marry the captain's daughter and torture a cabinet minister (9)
IMPOSEDPut Ralph in the printing house with old style editor (7)
INADEQUATEI, would-be president Ralph, losing my head as testing starts, am not up to the job (10)
ALIRalph's wife
BUSRalph's vehicle
EDSRalph's pal et al.
SCOTT"Great Unknown" author of the 32 Waverley novels
LEACOCK"Nonsense Novels" author
AKEY"The House Without ___" (first of Earl Derr Biggers's Charlie Chan novels)

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