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Crossword Answers: 1966-Hollies-hit
STOPSTOPSTOP1966 Hollies hit
STOPOne-third of a 1966 Hollies hit
BUSSTOPHollies hit
ITS"___ You" (Hollies hit)
ONA"___ Carousel" (1967 Hollies hit)
ANYHollies hit, Look Through ... Window
AIRHollies hit "The ___ That I Breathe"
BORN"___ Free" (1966)
ONACAROUSEL1967 hit by the Hollies
NASHGraham __, co-founder of the Hollies
COOLThe Hollies' "Long ___ Woman"
ISLAMABADAsian capital since 1966
BANDAHastings, President of Malawi 1966-94 (5)
BRITISHName, until 1966, of Guyana (7,6)
MAGUSThe -, 1966 novel by John Fowles (5)
ANDREWSDana ___, actor who played the title role in 1966 film western Johnny Reno (7)
AIMARLucien ___, winner of the 1966 Tour de France (5)
MCLARENLe Mans winner in 1966, Bruce ... - he's still a name in Formula One
BRYANDora ___, actress whose roles included Amber Spottiswood in 1966 film comedy The Great St Trinian's
KASEM"Counting down the hits" guy
OXYGENTANKS"Element #8's Career Hits Bottom!"

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