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Crossword Answers: 1966-Hollies-hit
STOPSTOPSTOP1966 Hollies hit
STOPOne-third of a 1966 Hollies hit
AIRHollies hit "The ___ That I Breathe"
ITS"___ You" (Hollies hit)
ONA"___ Carousel" (1967 Hollies hit)
ANYHollies hit, Look Through ... Window
BUSSTOPHollies hit
HESMYHollies hit bit: "... heavy, ___ ___ brother."
ONACAROUSEL1967 hit by the Hollies
NASHGraham __, co-founder of the Hollies
COOLThe Hollies' "Long ___ Woman"
CLOSEBrian, English cricket captain 1966-67 (5)
ABOO"Pink-___" (1966 Pink Panther short)
MASOJo -, rugby union centre whose 1966 France Test debut was against Italy (4)
SINATRASinger with 1966 hit These Boots Are Made For Walkin', Nancy ...
BRIANLONDONBritish boxer who fought Muhammad Ali for the World Heavyweight title in 1966 (5,6)
BERLEMilton -, US comedian whose roles included Kappy Kapstetter in 1966 film drama The Oscar (5)
MAGUSThe -, 1966 novel by John Fowles (5)
KASEM"Counting down the hits" guy
OXYGENTANKS"Element #8's Career Hits Bottom!"
IVEGOTWith 38- and 46-Across, 1966 4 Seasons hit
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