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Crossword Answers: 1965-Sidney-Poitier-film,-with-The
SLENDERTHREAD1965 Sidney Poitier film, with The
THEY"___ Call Me Mister Tibbs!"; 1970 Sidney Poitier film
LILIESSidney Poitier film, ... of The Field
ARAISININTHESUNSidney Poitier film of '61
TOSIR'-- With Love' (Sidney Poitier film)
LIONKINGDisney film, with "The"
GONEClassic 1939 film, ... With The Wind
FIFTHELEMENT1997 Bruce Willis sci-fi film, with "The"
LEGOMOVIEHit 2014 animated film, with "The"
CANNONBALLRUN1981 Burt Reynolds film, with "The"
SELMA2014 historical film with the Oscar-winning song "Glory"
OTHERMAN2008 love triangle film, with "The"
FLASHDANCEFilm with the song "Maniac"
MARYPOPPINSDisney film with the most Oscar nominations (13)
MONSTERSINCFilm with the 2001 Best Song Oscar winner
THEMUPPETSFilm with the 2011 Best Song Oscar winner
JAWS1975 film with the line "You're gonna need a bigger boat"
FINALISTNice end to film with the best actors - could be a potential winner of something (8)
TIMECOP1994 sci-fi film with the tagline "Murder is forever...until now"
QUIZSHOW1994 film with the tagline "Fifty million people watched, but no one saw a thing"
TGRAMSAlejandro G. Inarritu film with the tagline "How much does life weigh?"
ARGOFilm with the tag line "The movie was fake. The mission was real."
THEITALIANJOBMichael Caine heist film with the car chase of patriotically painted Minis over the roofs and throug
ITALIANMichael Caine and Benny Hill starred in this comedy caper film with the fabulous Mini-Cooper car cha
PINKPANTHEREither of two of the Inspector Clouseau films, with "The"
DBYSSEd Harris ocean flick (with "The")
ABYSSEd Harris ocean flick (with "The")
STINGRedford-Newman flick, with "The"
MASKJim Carrey flick, with "The"
OMENDamien's first flick (with "The")

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