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Crossword Answers: 1965-Sidney-Poitier-film,-with-The
SLENDERTHREAD1965 Sidney Poitier film, with The
TOSIR'-- With Love' (Sidney Poitier film)
ARAISININTHESUNSidney Poitier film of '61
WAYWEWERE'73 Streisand film, with "The"
CASABLANCA*1942 film with the line "What makes saloonkeepers so snobbish?"
BIRTHOFANATION1915 Lillian Gish film, with "The"
LASTOUTLAW1936 Hoot Gibson film, with "The"
ROARINGTWENTIES1939 Cagney-Bogart film, with "The"
ARAISININTHES'61 Poitier film
ONESCurtis/Poitier film "The Defiant ___"
SHOOTTOKILL'88 Sidney Poitier adventure film
THEDEFIANTONES1958 movie with Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier
SIRSidney Poitier title role
ANDI"The Kink ___," film with a twist?
GOIN"___ South" (1978 film with Nicholson, Steenburgen, and Belushi)
AVOW"___ To Kill" ('95 film with Richard Grieco)
LUMET"12 Angry Men" director Sidney
SHELDON"If Tomorrow Comes" author Sidney
GAME"Master of the ___" (Sidney Sheldon book)
NOON"Morning, ___, and Night" (Sidney Sheldon novel)

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