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Crossword Answers: 1965-Sidney-Poitier-film,-with-The
SLENDERTHREAD1965 Sidney Poitier film, with The
LILIESSidney Poitier film, ... of The Field
ARAISININTHESUNSidney Poitier film of '61
TOSIR'-- With Love' (Sidney Poitier film)
FLASHDANCEFilm with the song "Maniac"
MARYPOPPINSDisney film with the most Oscar nominations (13)
MONSTERSINCFilm with the 2001 Best Song Oscar winner
THEMUPPETSFilm with the 2011 Best Song Oscar winner
HAUNTEDMANSION2003 Eddie Murphy film, with "The"
LASTCASTLE2001 Redford/Gandolfini film, with "The"
BLUEANGEL1930 Marlene Dietrich film, with "The"
ERRANDBOY1961 Jerry Lewis film, with "The"
BLUEDAHLIAFlowery Veronica Lake film (with "The")
POLTERGEIST1982 film with the tagline "They're here"
FOURSEASONS1981 Alan Alda film, with "The"
CAINEMUTINY1954 Bogart film, with 'The'
MARSATTACKS1996 film with the tagline "YIKES! They've Landed!"
LORAXHit 2012 animated film, with "The"
LOVEMEORLEAVEMEDoris Day film with the song "Ten Cents a Dance"
LASTPICTURESHOWBogdanovich film (with "The")
GAMBLERSIOU1915 Harry Carey film, with "The"
OSTERMANWEEKENDSam Peckinpah's last film, with "The"
JUMANJI1995 film with the line "Alan, please, last time I played this game, it ruined my life"
DIRTYHARRY1971 film with the tagline "You don't assign him to murder cases. You just turn him loose."
PINKPANTHEREither of two of the Inspector Clouseau films, with "The"
DBYSSEd Harris ocean flick (with "The")
ABYSSEd Harris ocean flick (with "The")
STINGRedford-Newman flick, with "The"
MASKJim Carrey flick, with "The"
OMENDamien's first flick (with "The")
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