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Crossword Answers: 1960-hit-by-the-Everly-Brothers
SOSAD1960 hit by the Everly Brothers
OLDIEAny hit by the Everly Brothers, e.g.
WALKDONTRUN1960 hit by the Ventures
AGIRL"Image of ___" (1960 hit by the Safaris)
EBONYEYES1961 top 10 hit for the Everly Brothers
KNOTTSBERRYFARMCalifornia venue where The Everly Brothers broke up during an onstage fight in 1973
PHILOne of the Everly Brothers
DUETSong for the Everly Brothers
ONEI"Dedicated to the ___ Love" (hit by the Shirelles)
AGO"Happenings Ten Years Time ___" (1966 hit by the Yardbirds)
ADORE"I ___ Him" (1963 hit by the Angels)
ISNT"It ___ Right" (hit by the Platters)
DARLIN"Little ___" (1957 hit by The Diamonds)
OER"Love, Reign ___ Me" (hit by The Who)
AMIND"My Heart Has ___ of Its Own" (1960 hit)
ILOVE"Tell Laura ___ Her" (1960 hit)
ANKA"___ at the Copa" (1960 hit album)
OOP'Alley- --' (1960 hit)
OFF"Get ___" (old-school hit by Foxy)
LISA"I'm Not ___," 1975 #1 country hit by Jessi Colter
IFBIT"... and drink as ___ by the Dipsas..."--Ben Franklin
TRUMPET"... and it comes out here" (this last instrument, by the way, is the subject of the song)
ATREE"... like ___ planted by the rivers...": Psalms
TREASURER" the hand of Mithredath the ___..." (Ezra 1:8)
ORGANIZES"A man is known by the company he ___" (ibid.)
ALONE"All ___, by the telephone..."

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