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Crossword Answers: 1960-hit-by-the-Everly-Brothers
SOSAD1960 hit by the Everly Brothers
OLDIEAny hit by the Everly Brothers, e.g.
AGIRL"Image of ___" (1960 hit by the Safaris)
WALKDONTRUN1960 hit by the Ventures
DUOThe Everly Brothers, e.g.
ALLIThe Everly Brothers' "___ Have to Do Is Dream"
LETITThe Everly Brothers' "___ Be Me"
IBEThe Everly Brothers' "When Will ___ Loved"
SUSIEThe Everly Brothers' "Wake Up Little ___"
DUOSThe Everly Brothers and others
BEMEThe Everly Brothers 'Let It --"
ISDREAMThe Everly Brothers 'All I Have to --'
ITBEThe Everly Brothers "Let ___ Me"
DUETSong for the Everly Brothers
PHILOne of the Everly Brothers
EBONYEYES1961 top 10 hit for the Everly Brothers
ITAINTMEBABEHit by the Turtles
CANTBUYMELOVENumber one hit by the Beatles in 1964 (4,3,2,4)
HIM"Tell ___," 1962 hit by the Exciters
ONACAROUSEL1967 hit by the Hollies
THEREGOESMYBABY1959 hit by the Drifters
KNOTTSBERRYFARMCalifornia venue where The Everly Brothers broke up during an onstage fight in 1973
BYEExtra run scored in cricket without the ball being hit by the batsman
SAME"It's the ___ Old Song" (1965 hit by the Four Tops)
HOMERSHits by the Simpsons?
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