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Crossword Answers: 1942-Cooper-role
GEHRIG1942 Cooper role
GOODMRDEEDSExcellent portrayal of a Gary Cooper role?
DOECooper role of 1941
BEAUGESTEA Gary Cooper role: 1939
MRDEEDS1936 Gary Cooper role
DEEDS1936 Cooper role
ROARKCooper's role in "The Fountainhead," 1949
KANECooper's role in "High Noon"
GARYHEADEDLike a committee chaired by actor Cooper?
RIDERSJilly Cooper novel adapted for TV (6)
AGOAlice Cooper "Years ___"
GARYSCooper and Sinise
SLYSVideo game raccoon Cooper and rocker Stone
TOYAlice Cooper "Wind-Up ___"
GLOSSARYCooper bears cost of lexicon (8)
PETBOARock star Alice Cooper had one named Yvonne
OCTOBER1999 film drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Cooper (7,3)
DEARE"The Wreck of the Mary ___" (1959 Gary Cooper film)
COMPROMISEDoctor S Cooper: 'I'm accepting money for accommodation'
NATTYand 4 Scout also called Hawkeye in stories by James Fenimore Cooper (5,6)
BUGNERJoe, boxer who took the British, European and Commonwealth Heavyweight titles from Henry Cooper in 1
WYANDOTTE1843 novel by James Fenimore Cooper subtitled The Hutted Knoll (9)
NESBITTCold Feet star from Northern Ireland who portrayed Ivan Cooper in the 2002 drama Bloody Sunday, Jame
COCKATRICESMonsters of Rock is restored with Alice Cooper initially, etc.
JUSTCooper's trademark saying quite resembling another (4,4,4)
CHEESEType of food rolled down Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire annually (6)
THELASTOFTHEMOHICANSBy what name is the Indian chief Uncas known in Fenimore Cooper's 1826 novel that uses this name as
LETTICEFirst name of the late Leo Cooper's literary aunt who wrote Blackberry's Kitten, Tea on Sunday and S
NOPEGary Cooper's refusal to work in Tyneside (4)
JUSTLIKETHATSimply so! - Tommy Cooper's catch phrase (4,4,4)

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