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Crossword Answers: 1942-Cooper-role
GEHRIG1942 Cooper role
GOODMRDEEDSExcellent portrayal of a Gary Cooper role?
DOECooper role of 1941
BEAUGESTEA Gary Cooper role: 1939
MRDEEDS1936 Gary Cooper role
DEEDS1936 Cooper role
ROARKCooper's role in "The Fountainhead," 1949
KANECooper's role in "High Noon"
MOLE"The ___" (Reality show Anderson Cooper hosted)
YALIEAnderson Cooper in the late 1980s, e.g.
OPERACarmen, say, with some Mini Cooper accessories
ELMMaterial for a cooper
COOPNickname for Gary Cooper
MADMANSterling, Cooper or Draper
YALEAnderson Cooper alma mater
ADELSTEINIn Private Practice, who plays Dr Cooper Freedman? (Last name)
SOFTKITTYSong about a cuddly feline, sung to Sheldon Cooper: 2 wds.
BEAUThe foreign legion book and film (Gary Cooper starred), ... Geste
SERENA2014 film drama starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence (6)
AMERICAN2014 biopic starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle (8,6)
SOPHIENate Cooper"s troubled estranged wife in Home and Away (6,6)
ITALIANMichael Caine and Benny Hill starred in this comedy caper film with the fabulous Mini-Cooper car cha
STORYOFDRAccording to Cecil B DeMille, his 1944 film starring Gary Cooper, The ... Wassell, was based on a tr
OPRAHWINFREYShe plays civil rights activist Annie Lee Cooper in "Selma": 2 wds.
BOXYLike Mini Coopers
GLORIAVANDERBILTAnderson Cooper's heiress mom
HELENAGary Cooper's birthplace
BOONECooper's inspiration for Natty Bumppo
DRS"ER" roles
MDS"ER" roles
SNIPEUse a long-distance rifle, like Bradley Cooper's character in a 2014 movie
VANDERBILTGloria ___, CNN host Anderson Cooper's designer mom
HIGHNOONGary Cooper's finest hour came in this movie which featured the song, "Do not forsake me, oh, my dar
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