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Crossword Answers: 1942-Cooper-role
GEHRIG1942 Cooper role
GOODMRDEEDSExcellent portrayal of a Gary Cooper role?
DOECooper role of 1941
BEAUGESTEA Gary Cooper role: 1939
MRDEEDS1936 Gary Cooper role
DEEDS1936 Cooper role
ROARKCooper's role in "The Fountainhead," 1949
KANECooper's role in "High Noon"
APPASSIONATA1996 novel by Jilly Cooper (12)
TRASH'89 Alice Cooper album
ADMANEmployee of TV's Sterling Cooper & Partners
ELIAnderson Cooper, circa 1988
HIGHESTNOONSuperlative sequel to a Gary Cooper classic?
HAWKEYEAlias of Natty Bumppo in stories by James Fenimore Cooper (7)
OPALSIridescent Australian gems from Cooper Pedy or Lightning Ridge
PRYORKyle __, plays Summer Bay medic Nate Cooper (5)
INIMITABLECooper coming back to pick up one work surface is second to none (10)
MANOFTHEWEST1958 film western starring Gary Cooper and Julie London (3,2,3,4)
PRAIRIEThe ___, 1827 novel by James Fenimore Cooper (7)
HANGOVERThe ___, 2009 film comedy starring Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms (8)
TWINUS television series that starred Kyle MacLachan as Agent Dale Cooper (4,5)
GISHLillian ___, actress whose roles included Rachel Cooper in 1955 film drama The Night of the Hunter (
NOOSEJed Cooper was rescued from one in "Hang 'Em High"
UTZSnack brand represented by Sterling Cooper on "Mad Men"
HELENAGary Cooper's birthplace
BOONECooper's inspiration for Natty Bumppo
HELLOAlice Cooper's "__ Hooray"
DEERWhat Cooper's slayer slew
PRICEWATERHOUSEThey merged with Coopers & Lybrand
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