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Crossword Answers: 1942-Cooper-role
GEHRIG1942 Cooper role
DEEDSGary Cooper role
MRDEEDSGary Cooper role
BEAUGESTEA Gary Cooper role: 1939
DOECooper role of 1941
GOODMRDEEDSExcellent portrayal of a Gary Cooper role?
GESTE"Beau ___" (Cooper classic)
UPN"Hangin' With Mr. Cooper" network
NOON"High ___" (Gary Cooper)
ALICE"No More Mr. Nice Guy" singer Cooper
JAMES"The Last of the Mohicans" author ___ Fenimore Cooper
YANKEES"The Pride of the ___" ('42 Gary Cooper film)
PATHFINDER"The ___": J.F. Cooper novel
SLOTHSLAYER"The ___," Cooper book
FBIAGENT"Twin Peaks" character Dale Cooper, for one
SCHOOLS"___ Out" (Alice Cooper)
SOULSAT"___ Sea " (Gary Cooper film)
TOM"___ Thumb" (locomotive demonstrated by Peter Cooper on August 28, 1830)
HANGINGTREE'59 Cooper western, with "The"
MRS"- Miniver" (1942 movie)
ETON"A Yank at ___" (1942 Mickey Rooney film)
INN"Holiday ___" (1942 film)
STAGE"I Left My Heart at the ___-Door Canteen" (1942 tune)
HENIE"Iceland" star, 1942
WHICH"In ___ We Serve" (1942 movie)
INTO"Journey ___ Fear" (1942 Orson Welles film)
SABU"Jungle Book" star, 1942
MEA"Knock ___ Kiss" (1942 hit)
SAL"My Gal ___": 1942 film
UPONA"Once ___ Honeymoon" (1942 film)
PINE"Outlaws of ___ Ridge" (1942 oater)

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