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Crossword Answers: 1942-Cooper-role
GEHRIG1942 Cooper role
GOODMRDEEDSExcellent portrayal of a Gary Cooper role?
DOECooper role of 1941
BEAUGESTEA Gary Cooper role: 1939
MRDEEDS1936 Gary Cooper role
DEEDS1936 Cooper role
ROARKCooper's role in "The Fountainhead," 1949
KANECooper's role in "High Noon"
TOYAlice Cooper "Wind-Up ___"
GLOSSARYCooper bears cost of lexicon (8)
SUGARYSweet American back, name of Cooper (6)
DALEAgent ___ Cooper of "Twin Peaks"
ALOHA2015 Bradley Cooper movie
FISTWhat Alice Cooper told you to raise in '87?
GARIBALDICooper cried out loud over one biscuit (9)
YVETTEFirst British woman to become Chief Secretary to the Treasury, ... Cooper
LIMITLESSBrainy series on CBS on which Bradley Cooper has a recurring role
STERLING___ Cooper Draper Price ("Mad Men" ad agency)
NATTYBUMPPOHero of the The Leatherstocking Tales series by James Fenimore Cooper (5,6)
DIERIWhat is one of the spellings of the name of the Australian Aboriginal people of the Cooper Creek dis
KYLEPlayed Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks (---- MacLachlan)
ADELSTEINIn Private Practice, who plays Dr Cooper Freedman? (Last name)
SOFTKITTYSong about a cuddly feline, sung to Sheldon Cooper: 2 wds.
BEAUThe foreign legion book and film (Gary Cooper starred), ... Geste
JUSTCooper's trademark saying quite resembling another (4,4,4)
BOXYLike Mini Coopers
NOPEGary Cooper's refusal to work in Tyneside (4)
JUSTLIKETHATSimply so! - Tommy Cooper's catch phrase (4,4,4)
SNIPEUse a long-distance rifle, like Bradley Cooper's character in a 2014 movie

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