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Crossword Answers: 1922-Norwegian-Nobelist
NANSEN1922 Norwegian Nobelist
HASSELNorwegian Nobelist chemist
IRISHREPUBLICIndependent state of Ireland from which lasted from its proclamation in the 1916 Easter Rising until
UKRAINEOne of the four original republics that formed the USSR in 1922
THEYOUNG1922 stage play by Noel Coward (3,5,4)
ONEOFOURS1922 Willa Cather novel that won a Pulitzer
ZEPPELINGoodyear partner, 1922-40
NOBELPrize won by 33-Across in 1922
LILALEESilent film star who played Carmen in "Blood and Sand" (1922)
TUTANKHAMUNSubject of a 1922 archaeological discovery
BETTYWith 66-Across, actress born 1/17/1922
NFLSports inits. since 1922
MUSSOLINIPremier of Italy (1922-1943)
JEANNEPatroness of France since 1922
CHARLESTONCHEWSNougat candies introduced in 1922
NALDINita of "Blood and Sand," 1922
LANAIIsland bought by James Dole in 1922
STATEFARMInsurer since 1922

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