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Crossword Answers: 1922-Norwegian-Nobelist
NANSEN1922 Norwegian Nobelist
HASSELNorwegian Nobelist chemist
KINGTUTSTOMBAllegedly hexed 1922 discovery
MARCELFrench novelist, 1871-1922 (6)
LARKINEnglish poet, 1922-85 (6)
JACOBSROOM1922 novel by Virginia Woolf (6,4)
WIESEL"Messenger to mankind" Nobelist
ELIOT"The Four Quartets" Nobelist
EINSTEIN'21 Nobelist
SADAT'78 Peace Nobelist
GOBAT1902 Peace Nobelist
ZEEMAN1902 Physics Nobelist Pieter
OTTOMEYERHOFWhich German physiologist, resident in the US from 1940, shared the 1922 Nobel Prize in Physiology o
CATHEDRAL"The ...", 1922 novel by Hugh Walpole (9)
DIGESTBest-selling US family magazine first published in 1922, Reader's ...
FAHDKing of Saudi Arabia since 1982 (born in 1922).
DADAWhich nihilistic movement among European artists and writers peaked from 1916 to 1922 and is charact
OTTOMANEMPIRETurkish realm that existed from 1299 to 1922 (7,6)
OLDMAID"The ... ...", novella by Edith Wharton originally serialized in The Red Book Magazine in 1922 (3,4)
LUNTAlfred, US stage actor who married Lynn Fontanne in 1922 (4)
SITWELLEdith, English poet and critic noted for the 1922 collection Facade (7)
NYEREREJulius --, 1922-99, Tanzanian politician (7)
BENITO--- Mussolini, Italian Prime Minister 1922-43, Il Duce (6)
PHARAOHIn 1922 Howard Carter unearthed the tomb of Tutankhamen, this kind of ruler of ancient Egypt

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