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Crossword Answers: 1922-Norwegian-Nobelist
NANSEN1922 Norwegian Nobelist
HASSELNorwegian Nobelist chemist
ROSE"Abie's Irish ___" (debut of May 23, 1922)
HECHT"Gargoyles" author: 1922
EINE"Nosferatu, ___ Symphonie des Grauens" (1922 movie)
DOME"Teapot ___" 1922 scandal
MEA"Throw ___ Kiss" (song of 1922)
ABIES"___ Irish Rose" (1922 comedy)
NANOOK"___ of the North" (1922 documentary)
OOO"___, Ernest...": 1922 song
ASTON1922 Chemistry Nobelist
AARONSROD1922 D. H. Lawrence novel
BOHR1922 Danish Nobelist
SITAR"Norwegian Wood" instrument
AHA'80s Norwegian pop group
WOOD'Norwegian --' ('65 song)
OLAFI10th-century Norwegian king
OLAFII11th century Norwegian king
STOLAF11th-cen. Norwegian king
VOSSA Norwegian bottled water
OLAVA Norwegian king
OLAFAny of five Norwegian kings
HUSKERDUBand whose name means "do you remember?" in Norwegian
BRAUN1909 Physics Nobelist
MARCONI1909 Physics Nobelist
WIESEL"Messenger to mankind" Nobelist
ELIOT"The Four Quartets" Nobelist
EINSTEIN'21 Nobelist
SADAT'78 Peace Nobelist
GOBAT1902 Peace Nobelist
ZEEMAN1902 Physics Nobelist Pieter
CURIE1903 Nobelist
PAVLOV1904 Physiology Nobelist
BAJER1908 Peace Nobelist Fredrik
WIEN1911 physics Nobelist

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