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Crossword Answers: 1922-Norwegian-Nobelist
NANSEN1922 Norwegian Nobelist
HASSELNorwegian Nobelist chemist
JUSTWILLIAM1922 children's book by Richmal Crompton (4,7)
WIESEL"Messenger to mankind" Nobelist
ELIOT"The Four Quartets" Nobelist
EINSTEIN'21 Nobelist
SADAT'78 Peace Nobelist
GOBAT1902 Peace Nobelist
ZEEMAN1902 Physics Nobelist Pieter
GARDENPARTYThe ?, 1922 short story collection by Katherine Mansfield (6,5)
READERSIn 1922 Dewitt and Lila Wallace started editing things down into the magazine that has become the wo
BONARAndrew ___ Law, Canadian-born Prime Minister of Britain 1922-23 (5)
AGAStored-heat cooker invented in 1922 by a Nobel Prize-winning physicist
LAWAndrew Bonar ?, prime minister from 1922-23 (3)
TANGOIn 1922 they set the guidelines to turn this shocking South American dance into something more respe
STALINJoseph, general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 1922-53 (6)
SHACKLETONSir Ernest Henry ---, 1874-1922, British explorer (10)
STOLZRobert -, Austrian composer of Der Tanz ins Gluck, basis of 1922 West End musical comedy Whirled int
WESTEGGLocale of a perennial best-seller set in 1922
OTTOMANTurkish realm that existed from 1299 to 1922, the ... Empire
IRISHFREEName, from 1922-37, of the area of the British Isles now called the Republic of Ireland (5,4,5)
FREEDMANFeels liberated after a long time in chains in the 26 counties after 1922 perhaps? (8)
IRISHREPUBLICIndependent state of Ireland from which lasted from its proclamation in the 1916 Easter Rising until
UKRAINEOne of the four original republics that formed the USSR in 1922
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