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Crossword Answers: 100-eyed-giant
ARGUS100-eyed giant
CYCLOPSHeard Sike lops one-eyed giant
SUSAN"Black-eyed" girl
HAG"Blue-eyed" one in "The Tempest"
VAN"Brown Eyed Girl" singer Morrison
VANMORRISON"Brown-Eyed Girl" singer
OTHELLO"Green-eyed monster" play
ENVY"Green-eyed" emotion
HERA"Ox-eyed lady" in the "Iliad"
NIKKI"Quilting the Black-Eyed Pea" poet Giovanni
NOTALLless than one hundred percent: 2 wds.
CLINGHold on to one hundred fish
CUPOne hundred up for trophy (3)
OLE"Giants in the Earth" novelist Rolvaag
SMITHAuthor of the novel The One Hundred and One Dalmatians (5,5)
DODIEAuthor of the novel The One Hundred and One Dalmatians (5,5)
CAVEOne hundred at the start of short, wide street to see grotto (4)
CHASTEOne hundred Romans rush to be pure (6)
CLAREOne hundred and fifty Romans are found in Irish county (5)
ISHEA" or ___ speck?" (They Might Be Giants lyric)
HEA"...or is ___ mess?" (They Might Be Giants line)

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