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Crossword Answers: 100-eyed-giant
ARGUS100-eyed giant
CYCLOPSHeard Sike lops one-eyed giant
MAXIM"Hot 100" magazine
BILLBOARD"Hot 100" magazine
THEMOB"1 vs. 100" group
SAGET"1 vs. 100" host
OWL"100 Acres Wood" resident
ARKIN"100 Centre Street" star
AFI"100 Years... 100 Movies" org.
ANS"100 ___" (display on the Eiffel Tower in 1989)
GOOGOLOne followed by one hundred zeros (6)
PESETAOne hundred centimos (6)
CNOTEOne-hundred bucks
CABLELine of one hundred who are competent (5)
CRAMMEDOne hundred Romans rammed and packed in (7)
AURICULARConcerned with hearing one hundred will be housed in a posh rural development
METREThere are one hundred centimetres in one of these (5)
CLUSTERTightly knit group of one hundred Romans gets mixed result (7)
TRIOLET"A Fine of Two Hundred Francs" author Elsa
OLD"And Noah was five hundred years ___" (Ge 5:32)
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