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Crossword Answers: 100-eyed-giant
ARGUS100-eyed giant
CYCLOPSHeard Sike lops one-eyed giant
OPEN___-eyed; alert
HOPPINJOHNBlack-eyed peas dish
SQUINTBe cross-eyed (6)
BUSHBABYBig-eyed, long-tailed African primate (8)
YIELDEDEyed lid curiously and gave in (7)
ALBINOSPink-eyed rabbits
NEEDLESThey are steely-eyed (7)
NEEDLEIt's pointedly one-eyed (6)
JEALOUSYThe green-eyed monster (8)
THEMOB"1 vs. 100" group
SAGET"1 vs. 100" host
OWL"100 Acres Wood" resident
ARKIN"100 Centre Street" star
AFI"100 Years... 100 Movies" org.
BILLBOARD"Hot 100" magazine
MOONEYELarge-eyed freshwater fish of eastern North America (7)
LOWLANDSBob Dylan "Sad-Eyed Lady of the ___"
BODKINBlunt large-eyed needle used for drawing tape through openwork (6)
GEMJewel that can create green eyed monster, at first (3)
INGA"Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil" writer ___ Muscio
SEAMANShape-eyed leaders backing NAMA looking for bigger fish to fry presumably (6)
ANIMATEDBright-eyed and bushy-tailed cutting rear off beast for Edward (8)
ANS"100 ___" (display on the Eiffel Tower in 1989)
GOHOMENOW"How can I keep my score below 100, caddy?"
ACCOUNTReport of a hundred in number (7)
CLOISTERHide a hundred pounds I kept in store possibly (8)
CHOOSEPick a hundred socks with a hole in (6)
OCCURIn three-quarters of an hour two hundred take place (5)
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