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Crossword Answers: *Sarah-Palin-or-Arnold-Schwarzenegger,-informally
EXGOV*Sarah Palin or Arnold Schwarzenegger, informally
MATTHEWBroderick or Arnold
MAVERICKSarah Palin, self-descriptively
CHIVETALKINHerb lovers' chat organized by Sarah Palin?
ALASKANSarah Palin, notably
TINAFEYSarah Palin impersonator
NRAGov. Sarah Palin is a lifetime member of it
ERASER1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie
JINGLEALLTHEWAY1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie
RECALL"Total ___" (Arnold Schwarzenegger movie)
REDSONJA1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger film
REDHEAT1988 Arnold Schwarzenegger flick
THEMISSIONARY1982 Michael Palin movie
BAKERYYreka (Calif.) has a palin-dromic one
TRIGPalin boy
FEYPalin parodist Tina
SARAHPolitico Palin
ORNE"A Country Doctor" novelist Sarah ___ Jewett
ELLA"Billie, ___, Lena, Sarah" (compilation jazz album)
PLAIN"Sarah, ___ and Tall" (Glenn Close movie)
PARKER"Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica ___
CONNOR"Terminator: The Sarah ___ Chronicles"
ASKIF"... ___ truth be there": Arnold
DREAR"... down the vast edges ___...": Arnold
ALAND"... like ___ of dreams": Arnold
ASON"And we are here ___ a darkling plain": Arnold
ETTU"Benedict Arnold!"
ETNA"Empedocles on ___" (Arnold poem)

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