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Crossword Answers: *One-who-goes-on-and-on
CHATTERBOX*One who goes on and on
PRATTLEROne who goes on applying pressure to snake (8)
REPEATEROne who goes on watch
JAWSGoes on and on
DRONESGoes on and on
RANTSGoes on and on
JABBERSGoes on and on
YAKSGoes on and on
YAPSGoes on and on
LASTSGoes on and on
GABSGoes on and on
NATTERSGoes on and on
YAMMERSGoes on and on
SAGAIt goes on and on
EONIt goes on and on
CONTINUESDoctors notice sun goes on and on (9)
ETERNALOriental birdman goes on and on (7)
MONOTONYIt goes on and on to my distress (8)
DRAGSGoes on and on ... and on
HARPSGoes on and on about instruments (5)
DWELLSGoes on and on about lives
LONGHunger that goes on and on (4)
TIRINGANNOUNCERBroadcaster who goes on and on and on?
BOREOne who goes on and on and on...
AEONIt goes on and on and on
IRONINGBOREGuy who goes on and on about laundry?
BEATSADEADHORSEGoes on and on, in a way
BORESGoes on and on and on...
BORDEROne who goes on the ship, we hear, for the frontier (6)
ADNAUSEAMNowadays gold found in Northern lode goes on and on (2,7)
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