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Crossword Answers: *One-who-goes-on-and-on
CHATTERBOX*One who goes on and on
BOREOne who goes on and on and on...
IRONINGBOREGuy who goes on and on about laundry?
TIRINGANNOUNCERBroadcaster who goes on and on and on?
JAWSGoes on and on
LASTSGoes on and on
RANTSGoes on and on
GABSGoes on and on
JABBERSGoes on and on
NATTERSGoes on and on
MINEROne who goes for the gold?
PANNEROne who goes for the gold?
ALCHEMISTOne who goes for the gold?
SYCOPHANTOne who goes along
WAVEREROne who goes back and forth
RENEGEROne who goes back on a promise
ETCETERA'I could go on and on'
ETCAnd on and on...
PRATEBabble on and on
ISFULLOFHOTAIRBabbles on and on
YAKChatter on and on
ETCETC"And so on and so forth"
ALANALDA"And the Band Played On" and "Mephisto Waltz" actor
AHWILDERNESS"To screen out Dad, Mom put her headphones on and listened to an audiobook of '___'..."

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