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Crossword Answers: '___-and-Louis'-(1956-jazz-album)
ELLA'___ and Louis' (1956 jazz album)
UNIQUE1956 jazz album "The ___ Thelonious Monk"
OLE"___ Coltrane" (1961 jazz album)
ETTA"___ Jones Sings Lady Day" (2001 jazz album)
ANNA" ___ and the King of Siam"
ALEAN"... ___ and hungry look"
SEEN"... ___ and not heard."
EAST"... ___, and Juliet is the sun!"
WORKSWEREEVIL"... because his own ___, and his brother's righteous" (1
BARDOT"... And God Created Woman" star, 1956
ELIAKAZAN"Baby Doll" director, 1956
LULA"Be-Bop-A-___" (1956 Gene Vincent tune)
ALULA"Be-Bop-___" (1956 hit)
FATSDOMINO"Blue Monday" singer (1956)
ALL"-- That Jazz"
FOSSE"All That Jazz" choreographer
REI" ___ Momo" (David Byrne album)
NENA"99 Luftballons" album
LAPSE"A Momentary ___ of Reason" (1987 Pink Floyd album)
ROAD"Abbey ___," Beatles album
SANE"Aladdin ___" (1973 David Bowie album)

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