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Crossword Answers: '___-and-Louis'-(1956-jazz-album)
UNIQUE1956 jazz album "The ___ Thelonious Monk"
ELLA'___ and Louis' (1956 jazz album)
COREA1978 Grammy winner for the jazz album "Friends"
GETZStan of the 1958 jazz album "Stan Meets Chet"
GRAVYTRAINLou Donaldson jazz album of 1961
MILESInfluential 1957 jazz album "___ Ahead"
TIMESSQUAREGary Burton jazz album of 1978
AMENDella Reese jazz album of 1958
ALOVE"___ Supreme" (classic Coltrane jazz album)
SATCH"___ Plays Fats" (1955 jazz album)
ETTA"___ Jones Sings Lady Day" (2001 jazz album)
OLE"___ Coltrane" (1961 jazz album)
FORBIDDEN_____ Planet, 1956 Nielsen movie
IPO1956 milestone for Ford: Abbr.
LEWHOAD1956 Australian Championships men's singles tennis champion (3,4)
OERTERAl, four-time Olympic discus champion 1956-68 (6)
PEYTONPLACE1960s TV soap based on a 1956 best seller
NOLDEEmil, German painter persecuted by the Nazis who died in 1956 (5)
THEMARY1956 novel by Hammond Innes about a ghost ship (3,4,5)
KUTSVladimir ___, 1956 Olympic 5,000m and 10,000m gold medallist (4)
TESTSDebut albums?
MALLTeens used to shop for albums there
ONEChart position reached by all the albums seen in the starred clues in this puzzle
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