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Crossword Answers: '___-and-Louis'-(1956-jazz-album)
ELLA'___ and Louis' (1956 jazz album)
UNIQUE1956 jazz album "The ___ Thelonious Monk"
DECCARecord label for Jimmy Dorsey and Louis Armstrong
JOESDiMaggio and Louis
STSPaul and Louis: abbr.
LUNGIron ___ (respirator invented by Philip Drinker and Louis Shaw)
LUMIEREEarly filmmaking brothers Auguste and Louis ___
NYESBill and Louis
COREA1978 Grammy winner for the jazz album "Friends"
GETZStan of the 1958 jazz album "Stan Meets Chet"
GRAVYTRAINLou Donaldson jazz album of 1961
MILESInfluential 1957 jazz album "___ Ahead"
TIMESSQUAREGary Burton jazz album of 1978
AMENDella Reese jazz album of 1958
FRENCHMENNapoleon and Louis XVI learnt in school what's central to phenomenology (9)
ANOMALOUSArticle on Norma missing Rome initially and Louis missing Italy is uncharacteristic (9)
BRASHERChris ___, 1956 Olympic 3,000m steeplechase gold medallist (7)
YAHTZEEDice game name since 1956
NAVRATILOVATennis star Martina ... was born on October 18, 1956
SOILBANKTitle I of the Agricultural Act of 1956
MEET" ___ Me in St. Louis, Louis"
MEETME"- in St. Louis"
MALLE"Atlantic City" director Louis
BROOKSEve Arden plays the title role in the 1956 comedy, Our Miss ...
SIXTEEN"You load ... tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt," sang Tennessee Ernie For
THEWRONGMAN1956 Alfred Hitchcock film drama starring Henry Fonda and Vera Miles (3,5,3)
NEWSThe type of broadcast presented by Bruce Gyngell on the 16th September 1956 that was Australia's int
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