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1.What is it to prove a ship with interior planking surfaces? (4)
2.Report of university member making contribution to vessel (4)
3.Part of a yacht
4.On an even ____
5.Something a scow lacks
6.Howard of "Dallas"
7.Stabilizing backbone of a ship
8.No pressure to maintain large part of boat (4)
9.Musicals star, Howard ...
10.Bottommost part of ship (4)
11.Ship's balancer
12.Capsize, with 'over'
13.(K) Boat's backbone
15.The bottom of a shoe or boot.
16.Support on which ship is built (4)
17.Coal-carrying vessel (4)
18.Flat-bottomed, coal carrying vessel (4)
19.Strut along base of ship (4)
20.Ship's basic longitudinal structure (4)
21.Vegetable raised in naval base, as it were (4)
22.Kingfisher ditching Queen's boat? (4)
23.Fore-and-aft base to a ship's hull (4)
24.Structural member of a ship (4)
25.Hull bottom
26.Spine of a ship
27.It has a steadying influence at sea
28.Galleon's backbone
29.Part of a ship's hull
30.On an even ___ (calm)
31.Ridge on bottom of boat
32.___ over (capsize)
33.Lowest part of ship
34.over (faint)
35.A winged version of this helped Australia II win the 1983 America's Cup
36.What's even on a ship?
37.Actor-singer whose real name was Leek
38.Howard ___ of MGM musicals
39.Bow-stern link
40.Bottom of boat
42.What a ship's ribs are connected to
43.Make Elton reveal bottom of boat (4)
44.On an even __
45.Whaler's spine
46.America's Cup yacht Australia II's secret weapon, the winged ...
47.Boat base
48.___ over; faint
49.Bottom of a ship's hull
50.Capsize, ... over
51.Ship part represented by the constellation Carina
52.On a boat turning from Wales (4)
53.A winged one enabled Australia II to take the America's Cup
54.Collapse, ... over
55.Bottom of a ship (4)
56.The bottom of a boat (4)
57.Shipbuilder's starting point
58.Barnacle site, perhaps
59.Barkentine backbone
60.Bottom of the sea?
61.Beam from one end to the other
62.Tip, with "over"
63.Start for a shipbuilder
64.Bow attachment
65.On an even ___ (steady)
66.__ over (faint)
67.___ over (faint)
68.Upset, with "over"
69.Hull's part
70.__ over (capsize)
71.Hull backbone
72.Dry-dock sight
73.On an even __ (steady)
74.Boat's spine
75.Boat-bottom part
76.Sailing stabilizer
77.Stabilizing part
78.Stabilizing structure
79.Craft stabilizer
80.Naval backbone?
81.Nautical spine
82.Nautical beam
83.Bottom of the ocean?
84.___ over:capsize
85.___ over: fall down
86.___ over: faint
87.___ over: capsize
88.___ over (collapse)
89.Vertical stabilizer
91.Underwater projection
92.Turn turtle
94.Topple (over)
95.The constellation Carina
97.Structural support for a ship
98.Strip under a ship
99.Stem-to-stern timber
100.Stem-to-stern structure
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