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1.Banner will droop feebly
2.___ down (Try to catch a cab, for example)
3.Emblem (4)
4.It might be thrown on the gridiron
5.Weaken the standard?
6.The Jolly Roger, to a pirate
7.Crescent, perhaps in decline (4)
8.Name for the conspicuously-marked tail of a deer (4)
9.Statehouse waver
10.Pennon (4)
11.Stars and Stripes, for one
12.Ensign (4)
13.Flower to wilt (4)
14.Colours seen to fade (4)
15.Languish beside Old Glory? (4)
16.Sort of stone sink (4)
17.Colours a paving stone (4)
18.Standard sink? (4)
19.Standard - paving-stone (4)
20.Banner - iris (4)
21.Stone sink (4)
22.Pennant (4)
23.Yellow iris (4)
24.Colours - become tired (4)
25.Grow languid (4)
26.Give a signal and slow down (4)
27.Jack wants female to keep from getting too cold (4)
28.Item of bunting (4)
29.Iris - banner (4)
30.Droop with tiredness (4)
31.Fourth of July parade sight
32.Standard laid down for paving
33.Colours fade (4)
34.Lose vigour (4)
35.Embassy waver
36.Ref's dropping
37.Emblem of an iris
38.Cloth emblem
39.Golf hole marker
40.Weary signal (4)
41.Give a signal and slow down
42.The Jolly Roger is one
43.Wilt (4)
44.Paving slab
45.A country's cloth emblem flown from a pole (4)
46.The ensign can"t be rigid (4)
47.The Stars and Stripes, e.g.
48.Standard's left -- bother to pick it up? (4)
49.Show need for reviving the standard (4)
50.Piece of bunting used as an emblem (4)
51.Key inspiration
52.Coach's challenge indicator
53.Iris may droop (4)
54.National banner (4)
55.Languish (4)
56.A national emblem
57.Embassy identifier
58.National banner
59.Surrender signal, white ...
60.Droop (4)
61.Tire of an emblem (4)
62.Union Jack or Tricolor
63.A country's cloth pennant that flies from the top of a pole (4)
64.Standard flaking relatively absent (4)
65.See 26
66.Switzerland has a square one
67.Patriotic lapel pin
68.Signal to stop, with "down"
69.See 9
70.It waves
71.Banner (4)
72.Tire of emblem (4)
73.United Nations headquarters decoration
74.Star-spangled banner
75.See 24
76.A ref may throw one
77.Golf course sight
78.Union Jack, e.g.
79.Mark, in a way
80.One with a support staff?
81.It can be raised or folded
82.Old Glory, for one
83.*Jolly Roger, e.g.
84.Penalty __
85.Flier on a pole, and at the ends of 18-, 25-, 45- and 57-Across
86.Nepal's has five sides
87.Colorful symbol, often
88.June 14 honoree
89.Something to salute
90.Fourth of July sight
91.*Billower on a pole
92.It waves patriotically
93.Mailbox gizmo
94.Marker on a green
95.1814 Fort McHenry sight
96.Hail, with "down"
97.Billower on a pole
98.Checkered race-ender
99.___ Day (June 14)
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