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1.Old-time politician Kefauver
2.Newbery Medal-winning author Eleanor
3."Melrose Place" star Rob
4.1956 vice-presidential candidate Kefauver
5.1997 All-Star pitcher Shawn
6.Kefauver on the 1956 ticket with Stevenson
7.Will of 'Blue Bloods'
8.Business fraudster Billie Sol ___
9.Onetime Senator Kefauver from Tennessee
10.Rob of '90210'
11.1950s Sen. Kefauver
12."Ginger Pye" Newbery Medal-winning author Eleanor
13.Kefauver of old politics
14.Will of "Blue Bloods"
15.Actor Rob of "Providence" and "Melrose Place"
16.___ Kefauver, 1956 vice-presidential candidate
17."The Moffats" author Eleanor
18."American Dreams" actor
19."Ginger Pye" author Eleanor
20.Adlai's 1956 running mate Kefauver
21.__ Park, CO
22.Newbery Medal winner Eleanor
23.__ Park, Colo.
24.Richard's counterpart in the 1956 election
25.Rob of "90210"
26.Opera star Simon
27.Colorado's __ Park
28.__ Park, Colorado
29.Democratic senator Kefauver
30.Toy rocket company since 1958
31.___Park, Colorado town
32.___Park, Colo.
34.___ Park, Colorado
35.___ Park, Colo. town
36.___ Park, Colo.
37.___ Park, Col.
38.___ Park, Co.
39.___ Park, CO
40.___ Park
41.___ Kefauver
42.Will in "U-571"
43.Western park
44.Street-scene painter Richard
45.Statesman Kefauver
46.Southpaw Shawn
47.Sleepy John ___
48.Singer Sleepy John ___
49.Simon or Rob
50.Simon of the Met
51.Simon of opera
52.She wrote "Women Who Run With the Wolves"
53.Senator Kefauver
54.Sen. Kefauver
55.Rob of 'Silk Stalkings'
56.Rob of 'Melrose Place'
57.Rob of "The Evidence"
58.Rob of "Silk Stalkings"
59.Rob of "Melrose Place"
60.Politico Kefauver
61.Politician Kefauver
62.Politican Kefauver
63.Pitcher Shawn ___
64.Pitcher Shawn
65.Pete ___, 1970's-80's General Motors chief
66.Park in the Rockies
67.Park in Colorado
68.Park in CO
69.Painter Richard
70.Padres pitcher Shawn
71.Operatic Simon
72.Opera singer Simon ___
73.Opera singer Simon
74.Newbery winner for "Ginger Pye"
75.Name in '50s politics
76.N.L. pitcher Shawn
77.Mr. Kefauver
78.Model rocket company
79.Met singer Simon
80.Met bass-baritone Simon
81.Met bass-baritone
82.Left-handed pitcher Shawn
83.Kids' book author Eleanor
84.Kefauver who won fame investigating organized crime
85.Kefauver of politics
86.Kefauver of Tennessee
87.Kefauver of 1950's politics
89.He shared the 1956 ticket with Adlai
90.He lost to Adlai
91.Giants pitcher Shawn
92.Former senator Kefauver
93.Former Tennessee senator Kefauver
94.Former Mets pitcher Shawn
95.Ex-Senator Kefauver
96.Dick's 1956 counterpart
97.Dick's '56 counterpart
98.Creator of the Moffats
100.Colorado's ___ Park
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