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1.Grip the attention of (7)
2.Delight - transport (7)
3.Send out of Netherlands to hold spellbound (7)
4.Hold spellbound during umpteenth rally
5.Captivate, enchant
6.Hospital department -- Henry comes across right entrance (7)
7.English books artist left around hotel entrance
8.Ralph managed without parking close to hospital department entrance
9.Transport hotel involved in fixed rental (7)
10.Beguile (7)
11.Comic learnt to control his first entrance
12.Learnt somehow to capture hearts and fascinate
13.Hold spellbound in Tehran complex with last of the capital (7)
14.Absorb and learn about the short sort (7)
15.Put into bonds on account of great interest? (7)
16.Win during the seventh rally (7)
17.Fascinate - grip (7)
18.In which Henry VII rallied his troops to make slaves (7)
19.Entrance hall rent collected, a pound off (7)
20.Oddly, T-shirt found in back lane entrance (7)
21.Transport for hospital department that originally had recommended a laryngectomy (7)
22.Delight in the tenth rally of the season (7)
23.Captivate in the tenth rally (7)
24.Captivate, then fancy really only occasionally (7)
25.Entrance (7)
26.Parts of tenth rally will captivate (7)
27.Captivate with the second half of Eleventh Choral (7)
28.Put into bonds, on account of great interest? (7)
29.Put into bonds on account of great interest?
30.Enslave (7)
31.Fascinate (7)
32.Delight when halter's repaired with new insertion (7)
33.Bewitch (7)
34.Doctor learnt how first to hypnotise (7)
35.Enchant (7)
36.Charm (7)
37.Doctor learnt to bypass hospital entrance (7)
38.Hold spellbound (7)
39.Feds leave left-handers to grip the imagination (7)
40.Delight (7)
41.Hold spellbound in tenth rally (7)
42.Eleventh rally will hold you spellbound (7)
43.Captivate (7)
44.Transport: Var.
49.Captivate: Var.
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