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1.Movie on a PC
2.Digital videodisc (1,1,1)
3.Motion pic format
4.Box-set unit
5.Audiovisual recording on a disc (3)
6.With 46-Down, two-in-one movie players
7.Compact device that can store a full-length movie (inits)(3)
8.Device on which a film is stored (inits)(3)
9.It's not rentable until it's burned
10.Inexpensive rental
11.Netflix item
12.VCR tape displacer
13.Box set component
14.Pirate's booty?
15.VCR tape successor
16.Redbox format
17.Videotape replacement
18.Videocassette successor
19.VHS supplanter
20.Redbox rental
21.Blu-ray buy
22.Convenience store rental
23.Video-store rental
24.Delivery from 43 Down
25.Something that's burned
26.CD successor
27.VHS alternative
28.This may contain Easter eggs
29.Storage medium for movies
30.Rental item
31.Pirate's item
32.Oft-bootlegged thing
33.Netflix rental
34.Netflix offering
35.Netflix mailing
36.Netflix delivery
37.Movie with extras
38.Movie rental, for short
39.Movie rental choice
40.Movie holder
41.Movie format
42.Movie buy
43.Karaoke machine insert
44.Item with outtakes
45.It may have bonus features
46.It may get burned at home
47.Home movie purchase
48.Home movie format
49.Hi-tech rental
50.Film format
51.Film buff's purchase
52.Feature-filled film format
53.Commonly rented item
54.Burned item
55.Blu-ray cousin
56.Blockbuster rental, perhaps
57.Blockbuster rental
58.Blockbuster offering
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