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1.Chips in a pot, sometimes
2.-up (pay)
3.Sporadic hothead rejected this early payment (4)
4.Payment for a poker hand
5.Poker chip, sometimes
6.Pot starter, in poker
7.Dante lost five hundred of his poker stake (4)
8.Penny-___ poker
9.Opening bet in poker
10.Prefix with diluvian
11.Starting stake in poker
12.Start to fill a pot
13.Deal precursor
14.Penny bet
15.Penny --
16.Penny back?
17.Part of a large pot
18.Stake for a hand
19.Price to play a poker hand
20.Before (4)
21.Part of "a.m."
22.It can be a single chip
23.Advance payment (4)
24.Initial payment in a poker game
25.Money put down had to include note (4)
26.Hand contribution
27.A stake in a buoyant economy (4)
28.It always comes before a flop
29.A.m. word
30.Italian poet losing first stake
31.Before putting central Hants right on the map (4)
32.Dined about noon, or before (4)
33.Payment in poker
34.A poker stake
35.Payment to play cards
36.Cards pitch-in
37.Way to get a deal started
38.___ meridiem (what "A.M." stands for)
39.Stake (4)
40.Up the ___ (make the stakes bigger)
41.Poker game bet
42.Date starter
43.Poker stake put up before the deal
44.Poker After Dark stake
45.Pot enhancer
46.___ up (put money on a poker hand)
47.Casino chip
48.Initial poker bet
49.Pot feeder
50.One way to get a hand
51.Stud player's play
52.Initial contribution to a poker pot
53.Date or room opener
54.First chips into a poker pot
55.Feed a pot
56.Start the pot, in poker
57.Card-game stake
58.Payment before ascent of mountain (4)
60.Card-player's stake (4)
61.Better put this in worker's head for ever (4)
62.-- meridiem
63.'A' of AM
64.You have to be up front with it
65.Folder's loss
66.Neat anagram?
67.Poker hand fee
68.Stake that might get you jacked up?
69.24-Across starter
70.Put your money where your hand is
72.Up the ___ (make things more interesting, in a way)
73.Gaming stake (4)
74.Apparently opposed to poker stake (4)
75.What seals the deal?
76.Poker opener, perhaps
77.Chip in a pot?
78.Replenish the pot
79.The A of AM
80.Pot money
81.A single poker chip, sometimes
82.Throw in the first chips
83.Penny, in some poker games
84.In poker, the stake put up before the deal (4)
85.Gaming stake
86.Get in the game, perhaps
87.Pre-bet move
88.___ up (pay)
89.Penny-___ (insignificant)
90.Jack-up the pot
91.Chamber starter
93.Open the pot
94.Forced bet
95.Room or chamber starter
96.Coming before the stake (4)
97.Put chips in the pot
98.Behind, before (4)
99.It comes neat before post at the Curragh (4)
100.Stake put up by a poker-player (4)
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