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1.Chip or two, maybe
2.__ up (pay one's share)
3.Get into a poker game, say
4.Tossed-in penny, perhaps
5.Up the ___ (make the stakes higher)
6.Put money in the kitty
7.First poker stake
8.Throw a chip in the pot
9.Pay-to-play fee
10.A fixed stake put down by a poker player before the deal (4)
11.- up (pay in)
12.Status quo ___ (The way things existed before, in Latin)
13.Money on the table
14.Texas Hold 'em start
15.For a bet, TV presenters ignored Washington
16.First move at the card table
17.Required bet in a poker game
19.Betting stake (4)
20.Something to give a kitty?
21.Feed the poker kitty
22.For certain players, cash in advance
23.Pot chips
24.One or two poker chips, maybe
25.Poker player's initial stake
26.Poker hand ritual
27.Initial poker cost
28.Bet on throwing a ten (4)
29.Payment before a deal is made
30.45-Across on the table, maybe
31.Prefix meaning 'before' (4)
32.Something that comes before meridiem
33.Lead-in for bellum
34.Play money
35.Arbitrary stake
36.Poker player's starting bet
37.Poker players do so in the canteen
38.Stud fee
39.Prefix for before
40.Stake where Italian poet lost his head (4)
41.Worker at end of leave gets advance payment (4)
42.Player's stake in poker - a ten? (anag) (4)
43.Stake - before (4)
44.Advance payment to American 6, say (4)
45.Hoofed mammal (8)
46.Way to get a guaranteed hand
47.Preceding birth (9)
48.Stake put up before the deal (4)
49.Back a mount, ie bet (4)
50.Stake and it is quite slow (4)
51.Stake for backing a mount (4)
52.Initial stake in a poker game (4)
53.Sounds an unfavourable bet (4)
54.Stake placed by Mum's sister, they say (4)
55.Poet wanting old penny for stake (4)
56.Some wanted payment in advance (4)
57.Up it in poker
58.Stake, bet (4)
59.Poker pot starter (4)
60.Payment before mountain ascent (4)
61.Worker taking quarter stake (4)
62.Opening bet (4)
63.Initial stake (4)
64.Guaranteed to retain stake? (4)
65.Pre-deal poker requirement
66.A stake in a buoyant economy
67.A stake in a giant enterprise
68.Qualify for a hand
69.Poker entrance fee
70.Starting money in a poker pot
71.In poker, what is the stake put into the pool before new cards are drawn? (4)
72.Toss in the pot
73.First chip in a pot
74.Up the ___ (increase the stakes)
75.Chips in a pot, sometimes
76.-up (pay)
77.Sporadic hothead rejected this early payment (4)
78.Payment for a poker hand
79.Poker chip, sometimes
80.Pot starter, in poker
81.Dante lost five hundred of his poker stake (4)
82.Penny-___ poker
83.Opening bet in poker
84.Prefix with diluvian
85.Starting stake in poker
86.Start to fill a pot
87.Deal precursor
88.Penny bet
89.Penny --
90.Penny back?
91.Part of a large pot
92.Stake for a hand
93.Price to play a poker hand
94.Before (4)
95.Part of "a.m."
96.It can be a single chip
97.Advance payment (4)
98.Initial payment in a poker game
99.Money put down had to include note (4)
100.Hand contribution
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