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1.A 10-cent stake, perhaps
2.A chip for a kitty
3.A chip, maybe
4.A couple of chips in the pot, maybe
5.A couple of chips in the pot, say
6.A couple of chips, maybe
7.A few chips in the pot, maybe
8.A few chips, perhaps
9.A few chips, say, in poker
10.A penny is a small one
11.A penny, at times
12.A ten-cent contribution
13.A.M. beginning
14.A.m.'s 'a'
16.Add to the kitty
17.Add to the pot
18.Advance amount
19.Advance payment
21.Alternative to blinds
22.Amount preceding bets
23.Amount to be raised, maybe
24.Amount to be raised?
25.An anagram for neat
26.Anaconda payment
27.Ask for a hand, perhaps
28.At times it's upped
30.Before, but after vigil
31.Before: Pref.
32.Before: Prefix
34.Beginning pot
35.Bellum beginning
36.Bellum or date preceder
37.Bellum preceder
38.Bellum prefix
40.Betting amount
41.Betting beginning
42.Bettor's starter
43.Blind relative?
44.Blind supplement, sometimes
45.Blind, essentially
46.Blind-bet alternative
47.Blue chip, at times
48.Blue chip, maybe
49.Blue chip, perhaps
50.Blue chip, sometimes
51.Bread put down on some tables
52.Bring-in's cousin
53.Build the pot
54.Buy a hand
55.Buy into a poker game
56.Card player's stake
57.Card-game starter
58.Cards fare
59.Cash for cards
60.Cash on hand?
61.Cash on the table
62.Cause a pot to have a chip in it?
63.Certain entrance fee
64.Chamber head?
65.Chamber lead-in
66.Chamber opening?
68.Charge for hand delivery?
69.Chip for a pot
70.Chip in
71.Chip in a chip
72.Chip in a chip for starters
73.Chip in a chip, perhaps
74.Chip in a pot
75.Chip in chips
76.Chip in for stud
77.Chip in the middle, maybe
78.Chip in?
79.Chip not dipped
80.Chip on the table
81.Chip on the table, maybe
82.Chip on the table, perhaps
83.Chip or coin
84.Chip that starts a pot
85.Chip without dip?
86.Chip, maybe
87.Chip, often
88.Chip, perhaps
89.Chips, without dip?
90.Clever wager
92.Commitment to the game
93.Compulsory bet.
95.Contribution before the deal
96.Contribution to a pot
97.Cost of a hand
98.Cost of cards
99.Cost of playing
100.Cost of staying in
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