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1.Gambler's deposit
2.You're not in until it's in
3.Poker pay-in
4.Hold 'em fee
5.Poker stake (4)
6.Begin a pot
7.Hold 'em opener
8.Initial bet
9.Initial wager
10.Starting bet
11.Penny ____
12.A chip, sometimes
13.Gambler's payment
14.Hold 'em ritual
15.Pay to play, as poker
16.Initial money for the pot
17.First chip, often
18.Pay to join the hand
19.Toss a chip in the pot
20.Bet all players must make
21.Poker dealer's demand
22.Entry fee?
23.Poker player's must-do
24.Advance on a table
25.Poker-pot part
26.Pay up to get in on
27.Prefix for room
28.Price for hand delivery?
29.Stake on a table
30.Help to create a big pot
31.Initial poker stake
32.Upfront stake
33.Poker pot seed
34.Chip in for a hand?
35.Kitty chip
36.Poker cost
37.Start the pot going
38.Help to create a nice pot
39.Before: Lat.
40.A few poker chips, maybe
41.Hand starter
42.First chip, maybe
43.Share of expenses
44.Pot chip
45.Start a Texas hold 'em hand
46.Payment up-front
47.Opening bet
48.Certain stake
49.Pay to play poker
50.Opening pay-in
51.Penny or matchstick, in some poker games
52.Poker hand starter
53.Start a poker hand
54.You're out unless you put this in
55.Required bet
56.Hand cost
57.Pre-deal request
58.Stake in a pot
59.Cost for a deal?
60.Contribute, in a way
61.Poker-game precursor
62.It's upped at times
63.Preliminary stake
64.Get the kitty going
65.One chip, perhaps
66.Sometimes it's upped
67.Player's stake
68.Player's payment
69.Latin preposition
70.Pay to hold a hand
71.Kitty feed?
72.It may lead to a good deal
73.Charge for a hand delivery?
74.It can lead to raises
75.Word in the a.m.?
76.Kitty insert
77.A hand-holder may build on this
78.Cost to be dealt in
79.First penny, perhaps
80.Player's contribution
81.Dealer's call
82.Initial contribution of a sort
83.Cut follower, often
84.Dealer's call, perhaps
85."Post" opposite
86.Up-front payment
87.Pay to play cards
88.Initial contribution
89.Up-front poker payment
90.Penny-__ poker
91.Deal prelude
92.Pre- kin
93.Poker chip-in
94.Pot additive
95.Pot deposit
96.Opposite of "post"
97.Minute stake?
98.Kick in to a pot
99.Chip, at times
100.Starter chips
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